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Ana Maria T.

Occupation/Studies: Engineer by trade; discerning my profession

Hobbies: Walks in nature, Learning French

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: Jesus Christ's Gospel of Salvation to each person.


Angela A.


Vocation: Married

Hobbies: Baking, Crafting, Crocheting, Hiking, and Camping 

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: That the Eucharist is the source and summit; and that our Faith is rich in tradition, rituals, and symbolism.


Doreen D.


Vocation: Married

Children: 3 (2 sons, 1 daughter)

Occupation: Retired Executive Assistant 

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: Reconciliation and Communion


Giorgina A.

Occupation/Studies: Elementary School Teacher

Hobbies:  Baking, Drawing, Makeup, Reading, Watching Period Dramas

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: No matter what happens to me, I am irrevocably loved by my Heavenly Father; even in my darkest hours, I can always find solace in prayer and confession. The knowledge that God is always ready to forgive my sins is something which brings me comfort daily.


Jessica C.


Vocation: Married

Children: 5 (4 sons, 1 daughter)

Occupation:At-home Mom, Homeschooler, Part-time Writer and Editor

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: The fact that our faith is a worldwide faith with beauty and diversity united in a universal call to holiness gives me incredible hope for the future.


Kathryn N.

Occupation/Studies: Sacraments/Volunteer Coordinator (Sacred Heart), Masters of Management Student

Hobbies:  I love playing sports – basketball is my
favourite, volleyball, spikeball, snowboarding, you name it.

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: I love the holistic nature of the Church especially the sacraments, virtues, the traditions and unity.
Lastly, I love being able to journey with others – the saints, my friends and family, those I have yet to meet, and of course, Jesus our Saviour.


Kelley H.

Vocation: Married

Children: 5 (2 sons, 3 daughters)

Grandchildren: 3

Occupation: Teacher (ELA and Religion)

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: How cohesive it is. When taken together, it all makes so much sense.


Kimberly C.


Vocation: Married

Children: 6 (2 sons, 4 daughters)

Occupation: Administrator at Southport Dental Care 

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: How it applies to real life. Find the faith in the mess.


Kusum D.

Vocation: Married

Children: 2 (daughters)

Occupation: Retired 

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: The gift of the Eucharist, and the deep traditions of the Church that elevate humanity with mercy and unconditional love.


Leah L.


Vocation: Married

Children: 11 (6 sons, 5 daughters)

Occupation: Business Owner and Family/Household Manager

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: Faith is the steady light which is above feelings and reason that guides us in all circumstances and allows us to remain in His peace despite this ever changing world which has descended into chaos.


Lindsay F.

Occupation/Studies: Director of Catholic Education, Sessional Instructor at St. Mary’s University, Aspiring Doctorate of Education Candidate

Hobbies:  Reading, Hiking, Paddle-boarding, Traveling, Cooking/Baking

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: In a world filled with noise, and a life
that is often over-scheduled and over-committed, one of my favourite aspects of the faith is silent prayer in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It’s in the quiet that we hear God’s voice.


Maria N.


Vocation: Married

Children: 5 (1 son, 4 daughters)

Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom

Favourite Aspect of the Faith:  The opportunity to receive Jesus in the  Eucharist and the love and mercy of the Trinity experienced through daily life and the Sacraments.

Picture of Michele L..jpg

Michele L.


Vocation: Married (35 years)

Children: 8 (3 sons, 5 daughters)

Grandchildren: 11

Occupation: Catholic Church Employee (Volunteer Coordinator)

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: It is the path to The Way, The Truth, and The Life. There is always an answer for what we believe, trusting in the teaching magisterium of the Church.


Michelle W.


Vocation: Married

Children: 4 (3 sons, 1 daughter)

Occupation: Devoted Wife and Mother 

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: Knowing that we are unconditionally loved by a merciful Father and that God is the surest answer to all of life's joys, struggles, hopes and sufferings.

Rosanna Pic.jpg

Rosanna M.

Occupation/Studies: Work from home/freelance

Favourite Aspect of the Faith:I consider myself a convert (revert) to the Catholic faith, a faith which I had to go searching for in order to find God. I feel at home in the Catholic Church, and I want to learn much more about her and her traditions.


Sara F.


Vocation: Married

Children: 6 (1 son, 4 daughters, 1 babe in heaven)

Occupation: Homemaker and Freelance Journalist  

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: Jesus, Mary, the Saints and the Angels. The pursuit of holiness and joy of mission.

Picture of Sarah Jane DC.jpg

Sarah Jane DC.

Occupation/ Studies : Retail

Hobbies: Being creative, Swimming 

Favourite Aspect of the Faith:  I converted to Catholicism and remain Catholic because of the true and complete presence of Christ in the Eucharist.


Tia G.  

Occupation/Studies:  Dental Hygienist 

Hobbies: Any kind of growth/formation-centered learning

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: I am always touched at the universality of the Church around the world. I continue to fall in love with the depth and riches of the Catholic faith, proving itself to be an endless wellspring of life.


Veronica H.

Occupation/Studies: Teacher

Hobbies: Biking, Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing, Painting, Playing the piano

Favourite Aspect of the Faith: The sacrificial love of Christ and the
splendor of truth.

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