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our calling

We desire to journey with women through all stages of life in discovering anew her identity as a beloved daughter of God.


A resource hub for women navigating the ordinary, yet holy struggle of living out their faith in daily living.


Jessica B.

Calgarian, born and raised; with Jamaican and Grenadian roots. Has a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, specializing in Labour and Delivery. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, crafting and searching out unique recipes that incorporate coconut into it. 

Patron Saint: St. Peter - has been her trusted companion  since travelling through Rome in 2016.


Fun fact: Originally pursuing a degree in the Biological Sciences program, it was her older sister's positive birthing experience at a hospital that paved the way towards Jessica's current career as a Registered Nurse. 


Maria Z.

Born and raised in Calgary; with Lebanese roots. Has a Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene and currently works as a Dental Hygienist. Was brought up in the Eastern Orthodox Church. This, combined with her interest in Church History led her to becoming a Catholic on the feast of Our Lady of Assumption. She enjoys hiking, reading, trying new foods and traveling. 

Patron Saint: Mother Mary

Fun Fact: Big foodie and takes pleasure in trying new ethnic foods when travelling to various countries 

Rikka B.

Born and raised in Edmonton; with Filipino roots. Has been married for nine years, together they have a six year old daughter, two miscarried babies, as well as two sons ages two and one. She has a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, specializing in Pediatric Palliative Care. Rikka is also a certified Marquette Method Natural Family Planning Nurse. She has a slight obsession for Star Wars themed things and can drink bubble tea like water.

Patron Saint: St. Cecilia - has really been like a big sister to her. 

Fun fact: Once was the opening act to Gary Valenciano

(Philippines' version of Michael Jackson). 


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